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The Brand

Founded in 2008, Fameed Khalique offers a curated selection of the finest surface materials from embossed leathers, intricate embroidery, semi-precious stones and marbles, to inlaid wooden floors and handwoven carpets. Based in the Furniture and Arts Building on London’s Kings Road, we invite you into our treasure trove of materiality, with bespoke services for exclusive and unique projects available.

At Fameed Khalique we seek to make it easier for interior designers and architects to present tailored solutions to clients, as well as offering a direct service to private clients too. Supplying to residential, commercial and hospitality interior projects across the globe, our passion, attention to detail and continual striving for the ultimate creation, sets us apart. Be it furniture, walls, ceilings, or floors, Fameed Khalique will strive to elevate every design project you work on, connecting you to our magical array of captivating surface materials.

After studying in the fashion world and going on to work alongside his brother in the leather industry, Fameed developed a passion for surface materials. Starting his own brand in 2008, he has since become a coveted partner for many interior designers and architects, while also creating accessories such as scarves, cushions and throws. Sourcing solutions for some of the most renowned international designers and architects, Fameed is renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to finding the best results possible. Through an esteemed roster of specialist artisans and suppliers, Fameed prides himself in making the impossible possible and creating designs which may have never been achieved before. His acute awareness of the luxury design sector, coupled with a strong eye for detail, has placed Fameed at the cutting-edge of material innovation, helping to push boundaries across a variety of design sectors.

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