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Lifestyle Collection

The Lifestyle Brand

This unique lifestyle collection has been created by haute interiors guru, Fameed Khalique, the renowned purveyor of exquisite and innovative materials to the interior design industry. Fabric innovation and outstanding sartorial craftmanship are at the heart of this prêt-à-porter collection. It is here that Fameed shows off his unrivalled ability to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with cashmere, leather and suede, creating beautiful luxury scarves and capes that are inspired by his expertise in exceptional surfaces. A deep knowledge of couture finishes can be seen in the cushion collection which shows off Khalique’s avant-garde imagination, where fantastical embroidery and inspiring techniques take centre stage. Everything offered in the Fameed Khalique universe has this unwavering attention to detail and is the height of contemporary elegance.

Luxury Scarves & Shawls

Where traditional wool scarves have had functionality as their raison d’etre, Fameed Khalique’s leather creations are pure expressions of design, innovation and creativity. Sculptural, handcrafted geometric patterns are cut into butter-soft leather and suede to create gender-fluid, amorphous luxury accessories that feel sumptuous and comforting to wear. From micro-perforations to honeycomb patterns via intricate chainmail-like leather weaves, Fameed Khalique scarves are the juncture whereupon art and fashion merge. Borne from the haute couture tradition, they become the lavish and tactile complement to any outfit. The silky soft leather and buttery suede offer a textural contrast to other natural fibres such as wool and cashmere. As the leather and suede ages, it takes on new shapes and patinas too, constantly evolving with wear, meaning no two scarves are ever the same.

Luxury Cushions & Throws

Our cushion and throw collection showcases Fameed Khalique’s expertise in couture finishes at its most diverse. Materials and techniques inspired by fashion, and normally reserved for bespoke pieces, are reinvented as ready-to-wear for the home. From simple, refined designs to dramatic embellished styles, there’s something to suit every taste.